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Pattern Maker Jobs in Philippines
Pattern Maker Jobs

Patternmakers traditionally worked with pens, pencils, scissors and tape measures, however advancements in technology have required Patternmakers to be skilled in computer-aided design and the interpretation of computer-produced design sketches.

It is a Patternmaker’s duty to examine the designs and toiles (or test garments) produced by a fashion designer and to measure and produce the separate elements that combine to finish the garment. The pattern is the basis for producing many identical garments for retail or wholesale production. It is essential that the measurements, shape and directions are accurate and easily reproduced. Often the Patternmaker’s work will be approved, tested and provided to manufacturers for mass production.

Patternmakers must be able to incorporate pleats, buttons, folds, zippers and clasps within their designs. An advanced knowledge of fabric and textiles and fitting to a human body is essential.

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